When The Going Gets Tough, Follow These 14 Tips

I have yet to meet an entrepreneur who hasn’t had some difficult times. There are roadblocks, detours, negative influences and even failures. But, like the kid who falls off his bike and skins his knee, we must also get back on the entrepreneur seat and keep riding. You may meet people who try to tell…read more

12 Tips To Get Out Of The Box

The proverbial box… It is that place humans go to that seems safe and in actuality, it is an imprisonment of their minds. “We have always done it this way.” “Why change something that is working?” “I might fail.” Yes, it is the box. The box that states we should work a 9 to 5…read more

10 Ways To Improve Your Business

As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for ways to improve our business. And while every business is different, there are some common traits we can use to improve or enliven our business systems, revenues and marketing methods. As the founder of various businesses bHip Vionic GNO Gara Group I have tested many methods… Some have…read more

How to Support Your Company’s Employees

How to Support Your Company’s Employees Everyone wants to be a great boss while still motivating their employees towards their goals and the goals of the business. Your company’s success will rely on the passion and talents of the people around you, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Remember that when you go above and…read more

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Think Differently

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Think Differently   If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you need to first change your mindset. The way that thought leaders and influencers think is broader than that of a 9-5 mentality. If you can shift your goals and learn these mentalities, entrepreneurship might be the right path for you….read more

5 Habits to Become a Smarter Individual

Question, Question Everything! Why? Because they say that the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked; and this my friend, is 100% true. Asking the right questions will create a huge impact in both the short and long-term by fostering critical thinking skills, establishing trust, to avoid making mistakes, and among many other…read more

How to Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes First-Time Network Marketers Make

How to Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes First-Time Network Marketers Make There’s no doubt you’re prone to make a few mistakes as most first-time marketers do, but the amazing thing about it all is you have the power to learn from the mistakes of others so that history doesn’t repeat itself. In network marketing, plan…read more

Curious How The Top Multilevel Marketing Professionals Create A Productive Home Office? Read These 5 Tips

Many say that multilevel marketing professionals are living the dream; working at home allows for convenience and comfortability, never having to be at a certain place by a certain time to be overseen by a certain supervisor. I’ve been working at my home office for years and have enjoyed it immensely. Although coffee shops and…read more

Tyson Zahner Interviews Network Marketing Expert Kosta Gara

Join Tyson Zahner as he interviews Kosta Gara one-on-one about the most important topics in the network marketing profession. Kosta Gara reveals some major foolproof techniques that he used to help him reach the level he is at today. You can’t miss this!  

5 Habits of Successful Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

As you may know, network marketing is unlike any other form of entrepreneurship. Successful network marketing entrepreneurs must be outgoing, confident, driven, and persistent in order to surpass all the challenges in this profession. As you read in my previous blog, successful MLM entrepreneurs have certain traits that make them resilient leaders. Hence, successful network…read more

10 Men’s Fashion Mistakes You Never Want To Make

It takes seven seconds to make a first impression, and what you choose to wear, make up a huge part of that impression. What I am sharing with you, is 20+ years of accumulative firsthand experience with the world of fashion. Although these seem pretty obvious, you’d be blown away by just how many people…read more

34 Business Apps You Need to Make Your MLM Life Simpler!

As a network marketer, you’re always searching high and low for tools to improve your professional productivity, personal lifestyle and to reduce stress. Whether it’s a tool to manage your home-based business, communicate more efficiently with your team—or even something for your personal life, all can be very beneficial for your overall wellbeing. Luckily, in…read more

These 3 Traits Will Guarantee 7-Figures in Direct Sales

After spending most of my adult life in the direct sales industry, I’ve come to realize what truly separates the 7-figure earners from the 5-figure earners. Although there are other mandatory traits contributing to that level of success, these three are the primary traits to become part of the one-percenter, known as the “elite group.”…read more

Would You Join A Network Marketing Company For Retirement Income?

Forbes Believes MLM Is One Of The Most Significant Solutions For Retirement Forbes.com, released an article about MLM last year, and why contributing writer, Robert Laura believes it to be one of the most significant solutions for retirement. Here’s why: At some point in your life you’ve been pitched a multi-level marketing (MLM), direct selling,…read more

H3 = Perfection

  I recently met with a colleague in the industry, who has been a successful CEO for quite a while now, and we came across the interesting topic of what the three most essential elements of running a successful network marketing company were. And believe it or not, they still hold true to this day — almost…read more

The 3 Mysteries Behind Success On Facebook You Need To Know

Are traditional advertising costs burning a hole in your company’s budget? It may be time to turn to a more affordable, yet effective alternative: social media. Businesses tend to overlook the value that social media has in various aspects from sales and marketing to customer service. There are several ways that everyone can use social…read more

What This Millionaire Told Me Changed My Life

Voltaire said, “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” Ever wish you could be someone other than who you are? Ever been in a Starbucks, shopping center, office, restaurant, sporting event, or out and about and noticed someone, gender doesn’t matter, who…read more

The Worlds Most Amazing Facts – Part 3

This next set of amazing facts may leave you in a cloud of wonder, who knew where the least expensive place to live or which country consumed the most food! (although I can bet you’ll guess that one right…lets see) Least expensive city to live in: Mumbai, India At the other end of the spectrum,…read more

The Worlds Most Amazing Facts – Part 2

It is truly remarkable learning how bewildering our planet actually is. From our highest mountains to our lowest depths — the earth never ceases to amaze me. Here’s this week’s next set of absolutely amazing facts. Most photographed place: The Guggenheim Photos have always told stories, but in today’s world of cell phone cameras and social media,…read more