Organic Networker™

  • A network marketing business is built organically, one customer at a time. It’s one of the only professions where you can start from scratch and grow it to whatever size business you want. Growing your business is a lot like caring for a new tree. You plant the young cutting and tend to it. A year passes, and it’s growing a little. Then a couple more years pass, and you have a hearty sapling. Finally, somewhere in the fifth year, you have a mature tree that offers shade or fresh fruit or just a fun place for your kids to climb and dream. And the tree keeps growing.
    During the first four years, a tree is developing a strong, intricate root system that will support the immense size it will attain. You can’t see the roots growing because they are hidden underground. In the early years of growing your business, you may feel like you’re not producing results. Don’t give up; the root system is developing! Eventually, you will experience massive growth.
  • Choose a company that has plans to grow organically, building momentum over time, rather than making it big overnight. A good company also creates a systematic coordination of its parts, such as a marketing budget with short- and long-range plans; a cohesive strategy for expanding overseas, and financial backing for stormy times.
  • Building relationships takes time, just as it takes time for a seed to grow into an apple tree. You cannot buy true friendship. It must be formed organically, one conversation or experience at a time, in order to last. Once you internalize this truth, organic relationships will be the only ones you’ll have and enjoy.
  • In general, the best way to guarantee success at recruiting is to follow the system the company has put in place. However, recruitment is a process that needs to be done organically to reap the greatest results. The organic system of recruitment means having a clear understanding of the 3 Qs of Organic Recruiting and what will motivate members of each group to join your company.
  • The key to offering criticism and praise is to make sure that your words are genuine and grounded, as in Organic Principle #12—Humility. We each have our strengths and weaknesses. Treat the recipient of your comments with respect. Praise does not have to be elaborate, and neither does criticism. Simply be real and specific.
  • As we learned, a genuine partnership grows organically from the first meeting to marriage. Joined by common goals, partners align their talents and patiently build the business, brick by brick. The force of two creates a doubled effect and provides a strong foundation for steady growth.
  • A system that is easy to duplicate is organic. Wherever you plant it, it will grow and spread. If a prospect doubts his or her ability to replicate your business and its systems, the chances of getting that person to sign up with you are slim to none. To paraphrase an old saying: If you think you can’t, you won’t, no matter how big the carrot appears to be. Your job is to have a replicable system in place that dissolves any doubts. Your prospect has to believe that he or she can easily apply your system to their own business.
  • Keep your wining and dining organic by staying grounded in genuine intentions. When it comes to impressing your prospects, especially from the Quality and Qualified groups, you need to be real. Never exaggerate or put on a front, since any encounter could turn into one of your most valued, long-term relationships.
  • Building relationships with your vendors is an organic process. That’s Principle #8—Relationships. It may take time to reach the top rewards level in a frequent flyer program, at least in your first couple of years of using the Organic Networker 12 Organic Principles For Success. That’s okay. Build slowly to build big! Other loyalty programs, like the ones you find in coffee chains, start paying off within the first few times you purchase products.
  • The Organic Franchise Model systemizes your events, beginning with your first meeting and duplicating organically as you build your team of distributors. You can rely on consistency across the organization. Strong roots lead to strong branches!
  • To manage the time of your life organically, begin by creating a system that allows you to be fully prepared.
    • Always plan your day in advance, the night before at the very latest.
    • Prioritize from the most important to the least important task.
    • Organize your tasks by location.
    • Allocate the amount of time required for each task.
    • Revisit your plan in the morning and confirm, add, or cancel tasks.
    • Limit emailing and reading mail, and make sure that time has been prescheduled.
  • The "It Factor" is not something you are born with but can be developed organically over time. Start by learning the basic skills of good commu- nication that build confidence. Practice these skills daily, and they will become second nature.
  • Organic investing starts with the first earning and carries over to your investment portfolio. For most entrepreneurs using the Organic NetworkerTM 12 Organic Principles For Success, a portfolio is built one dollar at a time. That’s why it is crucial to understand the organic strategies we espouse to ensure your ROI.
  • An organic negotiator knows how important it is to understand the rules of negotiating. The goal is a win-win. Build the relationship first, and then plant the seeds for financial prosperity in the long run.


Sidebar: The Best Platform

A comprehensive technology platform has to be in place before a company goes global, including:

  • Multilingual Capabilities.
  • Multicurrency Capabilities.
  • Personalized Website Duplication.
  • Real Time Business Tracking.
  • Social Networking Compatibility.
  • Training Systems.

Sidebar: Like Minds

Many promising entrepreneurs using the Organic Networker™ principles drown in the negative tsunami because they listen to the wrong people before they have an opportunity to succeed. It’s up to you to associate yourself with a tsunami of cheerleaders that will help and applaud you along the road to success.

Sidebar: Create Your Future

Pick a point in the future, whether it’s six months from now or five years from now and spend a few hours writing out a concise description of where you want to be by that time. That sense of knowing what you want isn’t going to just come to you in a form of divine inspiration. You have to move toward it and create a story for yourself, backed up by clearly defined goals.

Sidebar: Create a Vision Board

Surround yourself with images of your desired outcomes as already achieved in your mind’s eye. That’s why a vision board is such a simple, yet powerful tool.
Here is what you need:

  • Foam core board, poster board, or stretched canvas.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue Stick.
  • Old magazines in different genres.

Mediocre goals lead to mediocre results.

Cut out pictures and words that match your goals or represent results of your dreams coming true. Place your vision board where you’ll see it every day. Update it as goals shift or are accomplished. Don’t worry about how the goals will be accomplished. Let your vision board inspire you as you take action. Don’t forget to commit your goals to your mobile lock screen on all your devices.

Get Carded

Presenting your business card is a great way to share information about you and your company. Some folks fear looking pushy or think handing out a business card is tacky. Let me dispel this myth. Giving out your business card lets people know who you are. In many parts of the world, particularly Asia, handing out your business card is actually a formal part of the introduction process. Keep your business cards with you at all times. You never know when you’ll meet someone who can have a significant impact on your business!

Get Closer

For the next 30 days, pick one person in your life with whom you can commit to be more present. That doesn’t mean you have to spend more time with this person. When you’re with him or her, stop what you are doing, turn off all your devices, and look at the person with fresh eyes and an open heart. Ask more questions, then stop and listen. I have found that as you experience a deeper connection with someone, you will become thirsty for more connections. Soon, being completely involved becomes a natural habit.

Post It

Post a whiteboard listing the tasks that each person is responsible for on a daily basis. Even if the To-Dos repeat every day, the wall chart will keep everyone clear on who’s doing what. It can also help forecast when your spouse or partner might have an extra-heavy workload. Then you can take on some extra tasks to help out.

To Single Parents

Single parents usually have to work twice as hard to accomplish what a couple can do. But I have also noticed a single-parent advantage in this profession. Kids in a single-parent household are usually more supportive of their mother or father, and if trained and guided well, they will contribute more to the family business than children in a traditional family.

Being a single parent networking using the Organic Networker™ principles, will require a lot of patience on the parent’s part, but the rewards can be bigger, beginning with the higher level of motivational energy than found in traditional households.


While you are building your team of network marketing distributors using Mr. K’s Rules, you can also make connections through multiviral marketing (MVM). This is done by carefully and strategically using social media sites, where you can reach and cater to a broader range of audiences around the world and from any device. MVM enables you to quickly and efficiently present your business or products to an audience that has been prescreened for what you offer. MVM on its own will never work in this face-to-face profession, but when it’s paired with MLM and Mr. K’s Rules, you’ve got an unstoppable force.

Memory Joggers

Here are some resources to help you build your three lists

  • High School yearbook
  • Family and friends
  • Neighbors
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Lawyer
  • Current and past work colleagues
  • Friends in your social networks ȟ Massage therapist
  • Personal trainee
  • Physiotherapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Church members

The Organic Flow

Some prospects will become business friends faster than others. If a relationship isn’t moving along as quickly as you’d like, be patient – Organic Principle #7—Patience. Abandoning one prospect for another is like giving up after one date. What if it takes someone a few dates to know and trust you? Avoid pursuing a prospect with lofty expectations. This usually leads to disappointment. Accept each individual for who he or she is and remain judgment-free.

As an organic progression of the relationship, introduce your prospect to what you enjoy doing. Laugh and keep the environment relaxed. Enjoy connecting for what it is—meeting people, socializing and spend- ing time in the company of stimulating individuals.

Wining and Dining the Opposite Sex

In order to avoid any misunderstanding or inaccurate expectations, I always advise my distributors to follow these guidelines:

  • When inviting a man/woman to meet with you, invite him/her to bring his significant other along.
  • Pick a location with a business atmosphere, rather than an intimate environment.
  • Choose a time during business hours, rather than in the late evening.
  • Dress conservatively and address appropriate topics.

Loyalty Pluses

Reduce Costs: Your loyalty gets you free perks instead of paying for a product or service.

  • Leverage Supplier Relationships: When it comes to requesting complimentary perks, the more business you give them, the more leverage you’ll have.
  • Provide Consistency: The benefits of Principle #4—Consistency applies to vendor-client relationships, too. You know what companies you can count on.

Aim for Zero

Loyalty program credit cards will charge high interest rates. The best balance to carry on these cards is a Zero balance. Pay off your credit card in full every month to avoid high interest charges that can accumulate quickly!

What Type of Time Manager Are You?

The Firefighter: Every event is a crisis. Tasks pile up around you, while you spend the day rushing from fire to fire.

The Over-Committer: Your answer to every request is, yes. You’re so busy that you don’t know what to do first. You are the one hiding in the restroom, overwhelmed by too many to-dos.

Mr. / Ms. Cool: You’re too laid-back to complete tasks or return calls. Getting to things when you can get around to them isn’t time manage- ment; it’s avoidance. You’re the one with your feet on your desk when you need to get busy!

The Motor Mouth: Born to socialize, you can’t resist exercising your verbal skills at every opportunity. Each interaction becomes a long, drawn-out conversation, especially if there’s an unpleasant, deadline-driven task on your calendar. You probably answered your cell phone while reading this chapter.

The Perfectionist: Exact is your middle name. Finishing tasks to your satisfaction is such a problem that you need more time zones, not just more time. You need to remember we are all perfectly imperfect!

The Procrastinator: You live by the mantra that anything worth doing is worth putting off. Hooked on drama or adrenaline, you’d rath- er rush to finish a task at the last minute. You know you have to stop procrastinating, but you’ll probably change this behavior—you guessed it—tomorrow.

Check Your Look

Your appearance for meetings should abide by this list:

  • Clean, polished, and conservative dress shoes.
  • Well-groomed hair.
  • No body odor.
  • Strong cologne or per- fume can be a turnoff to many people with allergies.
  • Tattoos and body piercing are discouraged.
  • Nothing is a bigger turnoff than halitosis.
  • No gum or candy in your mouth
  • Minimal jewelry
  • Clean, trimmed fingernails

Your ROI

In this profession, your true ROI is what you believe you are worth. If you believe you’re worth $50 per hour, then perhaps you won’t need to wait a few years to see your ROI. It comes down to your expecta- tions. Since the majority of people marketing using the Organic Networker™  principles work part-time, if your expectation level is set correctly, you understand the long-term process, and you know what true ROI means, there’s a good chance that you will achieve your target ROI.

Charities and Income Taxes

Please remember to set funds aside for your favorite charities and your income taxes according to your country’s tax laws. A great investment in itself is consulting with a knowledgeable accountant who has a full understanding of home-based businesses (check out and the limitations to writing off charities and business expenses versus personal expenses.

Check Your Ego

Think about some of the ways you have judged other people in the past.

  • What would you change about your past reactions?
  • Did you think about what you said and how it may have affected them?
  • Did you take more credit for something than you deserved?
  • Did you want to prove you were right at the expense of someone else’s feeling?
  • Did you think that your contribution was more important than someone else’s?
  • Did you arrogantly let people know that you were smarter than them?
  • Did you brag about things you did or can do?

How would you want to be treated, if you were on the receiving end of your own thoughts and actions? Answer that question, and you’ll learn to check your ego at the door!

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We provide the following professional services to meet and exceed marketplace requirements:

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Content planning, creation, and delivery related to Personal & Professional Development for the following events and audiences:

  • Motivational speaking
  • Keynote speaking and presentations
  • Educational conferences & events
  • Workshops
  • Leadership courses
  • Life coaching
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