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Organic Networker®

Organic Networker® is considered to be the "new bible" for network marketing by the industry’s top 75 millionaires. It stimulates considerable thought that takes you far beyond a how-to book. Interwoven throughout are Kosta’s 12 Organic Principles for Success, giving you practical, straight-forward tips for turning adversity into victory. You will be embraced with the knowledge and wisdom that he attained and followed through with to build the inner strength necessary to achieve a level of success that changed his life and will change your personal and professional life forever.

Organic Networker® offers a variety of services such as mentorship in the field of direct sales, keynote presentations at motivational and educational conferences, hands-on coaching in the field of sales and operations leadership, and entrepreneurship mentoring, including workshops, leadership courses, and life coaching in the field of professional and personal development. Organic Networker services are available on a 12, 24, or 36 months contract. Services provided can be tailored according to your needs!

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Organic Networker®

Chapter 1  My 12 Organic Principles for Success
Chapter 2  Why Organic Networking?
Chapter 3  Choosing the Right Company
Chapter 4  Getting Plugged In
Chapter 5  Launching Your Business

Chapter 6  Building Positive Relationships
Chapter 7  The 3 Qs of Organic Recruiting
Chapter 8  Giving Praise and Criticism
Chapter 9  Organic Partnerships in Network Marketing

Chapter 10  Build Local, Think Global
Chapter 11  How to Wine and Dine
Chapter 12  Traveling and Entertainment Secrets
Chapter 13  How to Conduct Successful Events

Chapter 14  Managing Time in Your Life
Chapter 15  The It Factor: Becoming a Master Communicator
Chapter 16  Investing for Maximum ROI
Chapter 17  The Art of Negotiation


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Whether you want training on fundamentals, guidance on advanced marketing, or an incredible, energetic, and inspirational presentation to blow away your next live network marketing event, Kosta will deliver!