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#34 lifetime industry income earner

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Millions of network marketers around the world have seen Kosta Gara live and in person; from Southeast Asia to Latin America and the United States. Even more have read his Amazon's bestselling books: Organic Networker, More Build it Big, and Guerilla Multilevel Marketing.

Now, you can bring Kosta Gara directly to your organization to provide training on the most cutting-edge strategies for your distributors and executives. If you’re looking for a speaker that’s actually built teams of 100,000+ reps in the field, your search is over.

Mentored personally by the
legendary Mark Yarnell

Co-authored not one, but three
Amazon best-selling books

Built teams of 100,000+ reps across
the globe in 50+ countries

Featured in Inc., Forbes,
the Wallstreet Journal, and on CNBC

Presented to audiences of 50,000+
across over 450 events worldwide

Launched and co-founded multiple
network marketing companies

Top performing network marketing organizations understand that momentum and growth determine future success. Motivate and inspire your field of distributors at your next event by hiring Kosta Gara today.

“When leaders develop leaders, companies always experience growth they never imagined possible... and that’s what I’m here to help you do.”

- Kosta Gara

Whether you want training on fundamentals, advanced marketing, or just an all-out incredible, energetic and inspirational presentation to blow away your next live network marketing event, Kosta will deliver!

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