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5 Time Management Tactics All Top Leaders Swear By

As the leader of your own network marketing business, you’ve probably already realized you have more than enough on your plate, and sometimes it can be stressful or even too much. This certainly isn’t an ordinary career where you only hold one position and are expected to carry out a certain number of duties and…read more

DSWA Podcast: 12 Organic Principles for Success with Kosta Gara

Thank you to the DSWA for interviewing me on your podcast recently, I truly enjoyed sharing my experiences and insight about Organic Networker with you and your audience. Listen to the Podcast and Read the full article from DSWA below: Kosta has been a friend and supporter of DSWA for over fifteen years. We are excited…read more

Motivate Your MLM Team With These 10 Tips

As the upline to your team, you play a huge role to your team’s success. Can you motivate your MLM team? Are you committed? Are you persistent? Have you found success? These are questions your team is asking day by day, regardless of if they explicitly ask you or not. Thus you must realize that as…read more

How to Overcome Your Prospect’s Objections

As you may know, a huge part of network marketing is prospecting. You may be the most confident and outgoing entrepreneur but in the end, it all depends on what your prospect decides: ultimately, is he or she willing to join your organization? Like with any sales pitch or solicitation, prospects always have objections in the…read more

How to Follow up with Network Marketing Prospects

So you’ve learned how to overcome your fear of prospecting. You’ve reached out to numerous prospects and now it’s time to reflect. Did the initial meeting go well? Was your prospect interested? What are the next steps?   It’s called the follow up— and it can be considered more significant than prospecting itself. Sure, you could…read more

10 Men’s Fashion Mistakes You Never Want To Make

It takes seven seconds to make a first impression, and what you choose to wear, make up a huge part of that impression. What I am sharing with you, is 20+ years of accumulative firsthand experience with the world of fashion. Although these seem pretty obvious, you’d be blown away by just how many people…read more

34 Business Apps You Need to Make Your MLM Life Simpler!

As a network marketer, you’re always searching high and low for tools to improve your professional productivity, personal lifestyle and to reduce stress. Whether it’s a tool to manage your home-based business, communicate more efficiently with your team—or even something for your personal life, all can be very beneficial for your overall wellbeing. Luckily, in…read more