10 Tips On Being An Expert Communicator

10 Tips On Being An Expert Communicator

Talking with strangers… Speaking in public…


It is an area that creates that “fingernails on a chalkboard” sensation in many people. And while a small percentage of people seem to have a natural ability to communicate with other humans, the largest percentage of us have to use special techniques to overcome our fear and apprehension in speaking with strangers.


It is an area I delved into in my book, Organic Networker. I suggest you read chapter 15 carefully, as it will help you become an expert communicator.


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Just know that to be an expert communicator, it takes practice. You MUST force yourself to just get out and do it. It won’t be easy, but as you do practice, you will find it fun.


“To become a powerful, confident communicator requires energy and effort, but it gets easier with practice.” Quote from Organic Networker


To help you, here are 10 tips on being an expert communicator.


Be An Expert Communicator Tip #1: Carry Yourself With Confidence


When you have a confident demeanor, people will naturally be attracted to you. When you walk:


  • Keep your head up and your eyes level.
  • Swing your arms naturally.
  • Hold your purse or briefcase in such a way that it does not hinder your gait.
  • Keep a smile on your face to let the world know you love life.


Your walk reflects your confidence, so practice and it will become second nature.


Be An Expert Communicator Tip #2: Always Offer Value


Be it just casual conversation or a group discussion, always be prepared to offer something of value to the person or persons. A key to doing so is listening. Listen to what the other person has to say and then look deep into your talents and experiences to offer a take-away that is valuable.


Be An Expert Communicator Tip #3: Be The Expert In Your Niche


A huge part of becoming an expert communicator is to be an expert student. Learning all you can about your niche area will allow you to share wisdom when in deep conversation.

This, of course, takes time. No one becomes an expert overnight.


Using discipline, you need to always seek ways to grow and learn more. Never assume you know it all or enough. There is always more.


  • Read books
  • Attend courses and seminars
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Etc…


You see, expert students become expert communicators.


Be An Expert Communicator Tip #4: Focus On What The Other Person Is Saying


Too often, we as humans are so focused on our response that we neglect to really listen to what the other person is saying. And when we do this, it shows in our eyes and body language. And we also often miss out on the complete message the other person was giving and our response comes out in a foolish way.


Be An Expert Communicator Tip #5: In Group Communication, Take The Group Out Of The Equation

People often ask, “How do you manage to speak in front of thousands of people and keep from stuttering or losing your words?”


There is a cool little trick to do so! And you should use this trick in any situation where you are speaking to more than one person.

Focus on one individual in the back of the audience and speak directly to him/her. By doing so, every person in the group will feel as if you are speaking directly to them.


Also by using this technique, you will erase distractions from the crowd of people, keeping you from “going blank,” or stuttering your words.


Be An Expert Communicator Tip #6: Be Transparent


You don’t have to pretend!

Let people know the real you. Be transparent by showing them what you care about and what drives you to keep moving forward.


By doing so, people will connect with you emotionally. They will “feel” what it’s like to be in your shoes.


Be An Expert Communicator Tip #7: Leave Your Mind Open


I have discovered the best communicators are those who can accept opposing points of view.


But so many of us immediately close our ears and our minds when someone begins to speak about something we are against. But when you open your ears and your mind, you can understand the individual better and you will know where you can lead the conversation for both your benefit and their benefit.


It does not mean you have to agree with their view, just accept that they have a right to their opinion and you are professional enough to allow them to keep that opinion without your loss of respect or care for that person.


Be An Expert Communicator Tip #8: Use Strategic Silence


When speaking, whether to a group or an individual, there are some moments that silence can create an emotional state in the person or persons.

And emotion is what you want to attain in communication. Because when you get the listener emotionalized, you know they are paying attention to every word that comes out of your mouth.


A simple pause after an important message can help that message “sink in,” and cause the audience to think and feel. And when you start speaking again, they will be at complete attention.


Be An Expert Communicator Tip #9: Dress For Success


Let’s take a simple scenario… You are meeting with a group of business people who are taking their lunch break with you. And you arrive wearing Bermuda shorts and a tank top. Do you think they will take your business proposal seriously?


Remember, first impressions are a huge factor on whether people will listen to what you have to say.


I go into depth on this area in Organic Networker.


“When conducting business in a foreign country, be sure to know the cultural traditions for business attire.” Quote from Organic Networker


Be An Expert Communicator Tip #10: Validate


Here is another area that ensures the other person you were listening to what they said before you respond. By simply validating what the person said… “Mike, you mentioned that employment rates are dropping in your district, so…” and then when you respond after the validation, the person will pay even closer attention because they realize you were paying close attention to their words.


People are much more open to your thoughts if you honor their thoughts and opinions.




I cannot say it enough… Being an expert communicator requires practice. A lot of practice.

And the list of tips I can give on this subject seems infinite. So start with these 10 and you will be moving quickly towards expert communicator status.


And one last tip, watch people’s non-verbal communication. The way they move body parts can tell you a lot about what they are thinking or feeling. Certain movements can show comfort or discomfort, emotions or any other number of thought processes.


And remember, I do delve into this along with many other important areas to help you grow as an entrepreneur in my book, Organic Networker: The Millionaire’s Blueprint. And you can get a copy for the price of shipping and handling just by clicking here.


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