15 Ways To Stay Focused On What Really Matters



Distractions are everywhere.

  • Loud vehicles
  • Smartphones
  • Televisions
  • A crying child
  • Sirens

The list goes on and on…

Why is it some people seem to walk through life undeterred by these distractions while others are jumpy and allow themselves to lose focus?

There can be many reasons, and we will not delve into that area in today’s post. What I will do though is tell you 15 ways to stay focused on what really matters.


Ways To Stay Focused #1: Keep An Organized Work Zone


When your work zone is clean and organized, you will naturally feel more comfortable and less distracted. With an unorganized zone, you can find yourself searching for things you need which can take your concentration away.

I suggest every day when you are finishing up, just take 5 minutes to “tidy up” by putting items back where they go and giving a dusting.

By doing so, when you start each new day, you will be able to jump right in without having to feel cluttered.


Ways To Stay Focused #2: Tackle The Difficult Tasks First


There is a common misconception that by completing easy tasks first, you will feel as if you have got more done. But what usually happens is people get into a lax mode and when it is time to work on a difficult task, they will fall into a heavy temptation of procrastination, and will lose focus.

Start with the most difficult tasks and you will feel as if you are riding a bicycle downhill. You will coast and you will stay focused.


Ways To Stay Focused #3: Do Not Multitask


I believe it is safe to say that we all have done it. We multitask thinking we are getting more done. But in reality, we are losing focus on what really matters.

When we multitask, we are splitting our brains and not giving 100% to the task at hand. So we end up doing sub-par on the tasks. Sure, we may get more done, but the quality is average at best.

For those of you who are tempted to debate this subject, in 2009, a study was done at Stanford University. 100 students were sampled and approximately ½ of them identified themselves as multitaskers. The 100 students were given a test that examined

  • attention spans,
  • the capacity of their memory
  • and being able to switch from one task to another

All the claimed multitaskers finished terribly on the test. One of the researchers stated that those who multitask are easily distracted and do not maintain focus.


Ways To Stay Focused #4: Take Time Outs


How many times have you taken a break only to open your smartphone and look at emails, social media or something along those lines?

You are not giving your brain the rest it needs by doing so.

Take a real time out. Leave your phone at your station and just go drink some coffee, tea or water. Walk outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine or clouds.

Listen to the birds chirping and let your brain rest from everything.

Believe me, this WILL help you regain focus on the things that really matter when timeout is over.


Ways To Stay Focused #5: Reduce Distractions


Here is a challenge for you… Take a notepad and as you are working, when you catch yourself distracted, write down what distracted you. I recommend doing this for several days because different days bring different distractions.

Now it is time to get creative! How can you eliminate each distraction?

  • Turn the phone off during certain hours?
  • Close the door?
  • Put up soundboard?
  • Move your office?
  • Change your work area?
  • Etc…

Go through and eliminate as many as possible. By reducing distractions you will find yourself more focused.


Ways To Stay Focused #6: Set Reachable Goals


Many entrepreneurs teach and preach setting outrageously high goals. And while I do think big goals are great, if the ability to reach those goals is nearly impossible, the possibility of losing focus has greatly increased.

I suggest you set those goals at a reachable height. And once you reach that goal, set the level slightly higher.

You will be less apt to lose focus when you have a goal you know you can reach.


Ways To Stay Focused #7: Lay Down The Law


Be it your spouse, a co-worker, partner, children or even the dog or cat, it is up to you to lay down the law. Let them know that by no means should they disturb you at the hours when your focus is at its strongest.

It may be hard to do but in the long run, you will notice a huge difference in your productivity.


Ways To Stay Focused #8: 70 Degrees And Holding


Our minds perform better when the temperature is at an optimal level. You should ensure your work area is between 68 and 77 degrees according to a study performed at Cornell University. I have always found that 70 degrees is a perfect level.

In some cases, you made need to wear warmer clothing or use a fan or air conditioner to get the level that is right for you.


Ways To Stay Focused #9: Make Every Task Fun


I will admit that this can be difficult to do in some cases. After all, how do we make tax preparation fun, or replying to customer complaints?

You can do it!

Any task you have in front of you can be made a fun task. And when a task is fun, the odds of losing focus on it are quite low.

It can be fun finding all the deductions available… It can fun coming up with creative and unique ways to satisfy unhappy customers.

Turn your tasks into a fun time and you will stay focused on what really matters.


Ways To Stay Focused #10: Focus Music


Now I must say that I put this tip lightly. Some music can actually be a distraction for certain people, so it is up to you to determine if you are distracted or not.

But many people find they can lessen outer distractions by putting music on while performing tasks. It can work to drown outer noises that we have no control of.


Ways To Stay Focused #11: Exercise On A Regular Basis


When we exercise on a regular basis, it not only helps our physical bodies, it also helps our brains.

Scientists have found that people who exercise on a regular schedule stimulate a certain chemical in the brain that helps us stay focused and improves our overall brain function.


Ways To Stay Focused #12: Drink Water… Plenty Of Water


When we get a sense of hunger or thirst, it can be a huge distraction. I suggest keeping water within arms reach at all times and build a habit of taking a drink from it often. This will help your stomach feel full while you are working on important tasks and it will keep you hydrated.

By all means, if you are hungry, take a break and eat.

Keeping your hunger and thirst satisfied will help you stay focused on what really matters.


Ways To Stay Focused #13: Get Enough And Proper Sleep


Studies show that for humans to be in their prime, they need 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. And it needs to be a proper sleep.

  • Low noise
  • Little light
  • Good mattress
  • Comfortable pillow

If you are sleeping enough and properly, the tendency to lose focus will diminish.


Ways To Stay Focused #14: Put Deadlines On All Tasks


This works!

Even if you don’t have a time limit on certain tasks, by telling your brain there is a deadline, you will stay focused on it. I suggest that with every task you do, behind it, type your deadline. When you see that, you will stay focused on what really matters… Meeting that deadline!


Ways To Stay Focused #15: Read


Just as you are reading this blog post, I suggest you make a vow to yourself to read even more.

When we read, we train our minds to focus. Because to understand what we are reading, we have to focus on what the author wrote.

To start, I suggest you discover the 12 organic principles for limitless wealth… It is a book I spent hours upon hours fine-tuning, to give you a reason to focus.

You can get your copy of my book, Organic Networker – The Millionaire’s Blueprint by clicking here.




I truly hope today’s post helps you maintain focus on what really matters. Because what really matters is YOU.

If you are focused on yourself; what you can do to get better, grow stronger and manage your business in a top-notch fashion, you will achieve your dreams and desires.

So stay focused and if you found value in this, share it with others.



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