12 Tips On Running Your Business While Traveling

12 Tips On Running Your Business While Traveling

Let me brag a little bit… I have traveled much of the world! And while doing so, I managed and ran several businesses.

So if someone tells you it cannot be done, I am here to say it can!

Businesses I have or still manage

Gara Group


Rise Lab


Bloomberg Publishing


Team In Motion

Computer City

Places I have traveled to











South Korea







British Virgin Islands


Cayman Islands


Dominican Republic



Puerto Rico

St. Kitts

St. Lucia

St. Martin

St. Thomas

St. Vincent

Trinidad & Tobago







Czech Republic
















United Kingdom

Vatican City

So as you can see, I do have ample experience traveling while running a business. And I want to give you 12 tips to help you manage your business while traveling. So scroll down, take notes and you can see the world while your business keeps running like a finely tuned machine.

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #1: Start With Short Getaways

There is a fear that you must overcome as an entrepreneur who wants to travel but is apprehensive of doing so. You may be worried you will not be able to contact vendors, partners, friends and family. You hear horror stories of people being kidnapped or killed…

You have to beat the fear!

Kidnapped or killed? That could happen right where you are just as easily as it could happen traveling.

As for contacting, technology is marvelous and there are very few scenarios in which you would lose contact.

But my best suggestion to overcome this fear is to start slow. Start with a weekend travel experience. Then take a week… A month and now go for 3 months, 6 months and possibly 1 year.

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #2: Use Online Tools To Meet With Your Team

There are many online tools that will allow you to meet with your team and manage your business.

You can do it with tools like:


Go To Meeting



and many others

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #3: Find The Balance

This tip is ultra-important!

The temptation will be enormous to just “blow off” work and go play around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. But you must manage your time properly.

I suggest you set yourself a strict schedule.

Make time to sight-see and play, but you also need to work consistently.

Remember, you don’t have a boss per say so you need to be the boss… The boss of one: YOU!

Keep your employee in line!

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #4: Be Upfront With Clients

You need to be completely transparent with clients. Let them know you are going to be traveling. Give them the time zone you will be in. Give them the opportunity to object, which I highly doubt they will.

By doing this, you show that you really respect their opinions and you will do what needs to be done to ensure they stay satisfied with your business.

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #5: Rent A Furnished House Or Apartment

You can save a lot by renting a furnished dwelling. Instead of living out of a hotel or motel, why not use a service like Airbnb?

You can find short-term rentals that have furnishings.

While the up-front cost may seem high, just add up what you will pay daily in a hotel, motel or guesthouse.

Plus, it makes good sense to rent a furnished place instead of buying furnishings or attempting to move things like beds, a refrigerator, etc…

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #6: Make Sure You Have 1 Or 2 Backup Plans For Internet

Before traveling to another location, you need to make sure you will stay connected. Internet is a must!

You may want to check on purchasing a SIM card from the local area, or maybe a satellite WiFi connection box. In some cases, you can rent Hotspot connectivity.

One of the best ways to find out is to find Expat forums and chat rooms and ask those who have gone before you or are still living where you are traveling to.

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #7: Take The Right Electric Adapters

Not all countries have the same outlet designs. I suggest you research what plug adapters you will need for the country you are traveling to. It can be quite frustrating when you discover your battery needs a charge and you have the wrong adapter.

This website can help you know what adapters you will need.

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #8: Empower Your Team

You need to take the time to work with your team and make sure they understand you trust them to make decisions. Let them know you trust there ability to “Run the show.”

You should let them do so more and more even before you leave.

If one of your team members ask you a question, challenge him or her by asking them how they think they should handle it. Even if you disagree with their choice, tell them to go for it. After it is done, just tell the team member how you would have handled the situation.

You not only empower your team member, you are training them in the ways you manage the business.

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #9: Consider Lower Cost Destinations

Maybe revenues are down and you are questioning if you dare travel this time.

Instead of questioning the travel, why not search out lower-cost destinations. There are some places that you can travel to that will be cheaper than staying at home.

I have traveled to places where eating out 5 times each day is 50% cheaper than one home-cooked meal here in the States.

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #10: Find A Place Where You Can Work In Peace And Stability

Be it in your rental or in an internet cafe, you need to quickly find a peaceful and stable environment where you can work unhindered.

I have heard expats tell horror stories of people spilling coffee on their laptop or children jumping from table to table making concentration nearly impossible.

My suggestion…

Check expat forums and chat rooms by asking of a stable work place where you are traveling to. Many locations have shared working offices that even offer WiFi in the rental contract.

As soon as you arrive at your location, find the “work zone.” That needs to be the priority before you go out sightseeing.

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #11: Look For Opportunities And Ideas Where You Travel To

This is an area I would have to say is one of my keys. Whenever I travel to a new location, I am looking for the problems that I have the ability to solve. After all, that is what entrepreneurs do, we solve problems!

We often get so caught up in the problems happening in the town or State we live in, we forget there is a huge world that needs our problem-solving capabilities.

When you travel somewhere, you just may find that the natives are suffering with an issue that you and your business has the ability to solve. And you could create a brand where the target market is in that particular country, but you may soon discover that problem exists in many other areas.

Many entrepreneurs have developed great products they would never have imagined unless they traveled and saw the needs of others.

Running Your Business While Traveling Tip #12: Financial Management

Before you travel abroad, you will want to make sure you can send and receive money.

Depending on where you are going, you may want to check into currency exchanges, banking and even systems such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller or maybe you will want to have some cryptocurrency to use.

Just make sure you will be able to handle all financial obligations while you are away.


While not like some of the world’s prisons, I see many people living in their own home-made prison. Yes, they have a business with good revenues. Yes, they may own a nice car and house, but… They are in a prison.

They need a taste of freedom!

I discovered that traveling while managing my businesses has given me a wholeness like no other. I highly recommend it. It can inspire and motivate you.

I am currently working on a new book called Six Sugar Cubes: The Taste Of FreedomYou can read the synopsis here.

And I want to have all of you enjoying that taste of freedom too!

So travel and run your business. By following these tips, you can live a most fulfilling life.

Have a wonderful day and be sure to share this with others.

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