4 Traits All Successful MLM Professionals Have

4 Traits All Successful MLM Professionals Have


What determines successful MLM professionals? Certainly, many factors play into the success of an MLM professional’s business. Maybe they joined the right MLM company at the right time or their mentor introduced them to the right network and opportunities. While this is true, the internal factors that only you can control are what you need to focus on in order to grow.

When I say internal factors, I’m not talking about an excess of wealth, a preexisting network of friends and family, or good looks. Although these factors can certainly help with your MLM business, they are not essential in becoming a successful MLM professional. Innate abilities and learned characteristics are the most important factors in becoming successful MLM professionals. The best part is that these skills can always be learned and improved!

After 22 years in this industry, I find that these 4 traits and skills are the most crucial for successful MLM professionals:


4 Traits All Successful MLM Professionals Have


Traits All Successful MLM Professionals Have #1: Tenacity

As an entrepreneur, MLM professionals need to assert persistence and perseverance throughout their career. Much of MLM is recruiting prospects which can be difficult and draining at times. You may often hear numerous objections that people give about why they don’t want to join your MLM opportunity. However, if you know how to overcome your prospect’s top objections and assert your confidence in your business, you will succeed!

Imagine that you have a 9 am meeting with a potential prospect. Immediately, he expresses disapproval and is unwilling to hear you out. Rather than be discouraged and give up, be persistent! End your meeting with a friendly smile and firm handshake; don’t come across disappointed or angry. Tell him you’ll follow up at a later date to see how he is doing and make sure to add this into your notes and calendar. Who knows, maybe a month from now, he will be in a completely different situation in which your MLM opportunity will work perfectly for him.

After jotting down relevant notes, reset, reflect, and head to your 10:30 appointment with your next potential prospect with a strong and resilient mindset.

Don’t allow the failure from one meeting discourage the productivity of the rest of your day. Practice tenacity in all situations and you will start to see failure as great learning rather than negativity in your life.


4 Traits All Successful MLM Professionals Have


Traits All Successful MLM Professionals Have #2: Charisma

As an MLM professional, most of your time is spent networking, prospecting, and following up – essentially talking to others. Thus, excellent communication skills are required to be a successful MLM professional. Successful network marketers are charismatic and can always capture the interest of anyone in the room.

Naturally an introvert? Not to worry. Practice some of these skills in your own home and you will be an extroverted social butterfly in no time!

First, I suggest that you take a good look in the mirror and analyze your facial expressions. If you didn’t know yourself, would you start a conversation with yourself? Do you seem friendly and approachable? Or do you seem intimidating and reserved? If the latter is true for you, try to consciously change your facial expression or body language to appear more open to conversation. Smile. Don’t cross your arms. Ease up. Relax.

Next, practice “meeting” yourself. How would you start off the conversation? Directly approach yourself and say “Hi, my name is Kosta. I’d like to tell you about my MLM business”? Probably not the best approach.

Practice greeting yourself in the mirror and sparking up a conversation. At first, it may feel weird but after a few tries, your approach will improve and words will come naturally. How do you think public figures give the greatest speeches? They say, practice makes perfect. Therefore, practice conversing with yourself and how you would go about meeting a prospect and you will eventually perfect the practice.

Finally, I recommend that you record yourself on your phone or on the computer and pretend you are having a call with a prospect. Go back and forth in the conversation and see if you run out of things to say or if the conversation flows the way you intend.

Listen to the recording once you are finished. Did you notice that your voice tends to be quiet when you are talking about serious matters? Do you sound confident in yourself or does it seems like you are always asking questions and are unsure about your MLM business? Use this recording to improve the tone and power of your voice.

Practice these tips every morning and night for five minutes and I assure you that more and more people will strike conversations with you. Once you incorporate these practices into your daily life, you will become a charismatic MLM professional in no time!


4 Traits All Successful MLM Professionals Have


Traits All Successful MLM Professionals Have #3: Time Management Skills

Another skill that is crucial to the success of an MLM entrepreneur is time management. Network marketing is a unique profession in that you control your own schedule. But of course, with any other profession, you must utilize your time as best as possible to gain success! With that said, all successful MLM professionals exert efficiency and don’t like to waste a single second.

One of my best pieces of advice is to get a planner. Perhaps you like one that is handheld, or you prefer an electronic planner such as the calendar in your iPhone. Whichever you select, make sure it works best for you!

Use your planner to schedule out all of your meetings, calls, travel, conferences, and networking events. When you see windows of free time, decide what makes the most sense to fill it. If next Wednesday, you have a 9 am meeting downtown and don’t have anything until 4 pm downtown, it only makes sense for you to stay downtown and carry out tasks that haven’t already been scheduled. Ask your team member who lives downtown if they want to grab lunch to go over some of her opportunities. Spend some time at the local coffee shop downtown and see if you can network there! Utilize your time as best as possible so you’re not stuck driving countless hours because you couldn’t manage your time efficiently.

If you haven’t already, check out my top tips for time management to learn even more tactics that can help streamline your MLM business.


4 Traits All Successful MLM Professionals Have


Traits All Successful MLM Professionals Have #4: Passion

In order to become a successful MLM professional, there is no doubt that you must be passionate about your business! They say, “do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

Determine what exactly your MLM business offers you and make it your goal to show others the same. Be passionate about what you are offering to your prospects: a life of unlimited opportunity, wealth, and income! Do you want to make a change in people’s lives? Show your passion and it will emulate to all those around you.

Fuel this same passion in each prospect and team member’s hearts and they will become just as driven to becoming a successful MLM professional as you. With a resilient, fearless, and motivated team, there is no other possibility then success.


Train yourself to recognize these traits and make time in your daily routine to enhance these skills. By taking just a few minutes of each day to implement the tips I suggested, I assure you that your MLM opportunity will become easier and grow faster than before. If you want to get deeper insights into this and other tips to improve your skills, I invite you to take a look at Organic Networker, the book I wrote with everything I learned through this 22 years in the industry. You can get it here.


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