Motivate Your MLM Team With These 10 Tips

Motivate Your MLM Team With These 10 Tips


As the upline to your team, you play a huge role in your team’s success. Can you motivate your MLM team? Are you committed? Are you persistent? Have you found success? These are questions your team is asking day by day, regardless of if they explicitly ask you or not.

Thus you must realize that as the sponsor to your MLM team, you are the ultimate role model. The leader that your team looks up to. Your role is not to be your team’s “boss” but rather their teacher, mentor, and guide to success. Your job is to keep your team motivated and passionate about your network marketing opportunity! Here are 10 of my personal tips to motivate your MLM team:


Tip to Motivate Your MLM Team #1: Relate

Express to your team members that you were once them! At one point, you too were brand new to network marketing and had absolutely no idea what you were doing! Tell them about all the questions you had, the hardships you endured, the first time you felt successful, that time you felt you hit rock bottom. Show them that you went through the same exact challenges yet achieved so many accomplishments. Prove to your team members how happy you are today and how successful you are now.


Motivate Your MLM Team With These 10 Tips


Tip to Motivate Your MLM Team #2: Encourage them

Always, always, always be positive and optimistic. If your team member is feeling unsure or discouraged, make that extra effort to ensure they receive the attention they need! Rehash to your team members what exactly they are working for – a lifetime of success – and inspire them to succeed.


Tip to Motivate Your MLM Team #3: Practice praise

Everyone loves to hear a compliment, so why not compliment your team for their successes? If your team member performs well, hits a certain goal, and/or goes beyond their expectations, make sure you voice that to them! Giving praise and rewarding your team members for their accomplishments will only motivate them more!


Tip to Motivate Your MLM Team #4: Be ethical

No one looks up to someone who is unethical. If you are dishonest, untrustworthy, or manipulative, your team members will not look up to you as role model. Create the role of a positive, honest, and trustworthy leader who people can look up to.


Tip to Motivate Your MLM Team #5: Have weekly calls

Set aside a few hours of the week to have one-on-one calls if your team is small or team huddles if you have a larger team. This allows you to keep track of your team members, their milestones, and their goals. It also allows your team to ask you questions or look for guidance. These weekly calls should start in the beginning of the week, perhaps Monday morning, to set up the week for success.


Motivate Your MLM Team With These 10 Tips


Tip to Motivate Your MLM Team #6: Plan events

Whether it is a summer BBQ, a happy hour, or a Christmas party, invest some time hosting your team members. By inviting fun into business, it allows your team to recognize that you are not just 100% business but also know how to entertain and enjoy. This is also great for your team members to all get-together and connect! If anything, this isn’t social hour but a networking opportunity for your team members to have synergies and create opportunities to work together.


Tip to Motivate Your MLM Team #7: Stay informed

At the end of the day, knowledge is power. Everyone loves to learn something new – whether it is interesting news, a simple life hack, a destination city, or a secret hole-in-the-wall eatery with amazing food. By opening your mind to learning new things and staying informed with today’s news, you allow yourself to be a source of information to your team. When you share your knowledge with your team members, they will always remember you as the leader who knew everything about everything.


Tip to Motivate Your MLM Team #8: Make it personal

Show your team member that they aren’t just a “colleague,” or a simple work relationship. Engage with your team member and make it a point to find out more — what their hobbies and interests are. Are they dating? Do they have a family? Are they religious? What do they enjoy doing outside of work? Show genuine interest in your team members and their lives outside of work and they will truly appreciate you as their leader.


Tip to Motivate Your MLM Team #9: Encourage personal development

Always look out for books, podcasts, articles, or interviews that your team members can learn from. No matter how successful, encouraging, or charismatic you are, it always helps to have information coming from another source! If you find that a new book (such as Organic Networker) was just released and could really help educate and motivate your team, share that with them! You can even go so far as to buying them these books, a magazine subscription, or helping to support their personal growth and development because if the succeed, you succeed.


Motivate Your MLM Team With These 10 Tips


Tip to Motivate Your MLM Team #10: Reward them

Incentives are everything nowadays! You hear it everywhere:
Buy one, get one free!
Act now and get 20% off!
Refer a friend and get $100 credit!
Incentives such as these motivate people to act fast and act now! So, recreate these incentives in your team to motivate them to work hard and get results. Even if it’s something as small as a $20 gift card to Starbucks or as big as a free trip for 2 to Cabo San Lucas, incentivize your team members and reward them for a spectacular performance!

One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what, you cannot motivate anyone to do anything. Motivation comes from within. So, it is best to find team members who are self-motivated and believe in themselves. If anything, your job is to inspire your team members! Use these tips to keep your team passionate and inspired.

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