How to Follow up with Network Marketing Prospects

So you’ve learned how to overcome your fear of prospecting. You’ve reached out to numerous prospects and now it’s time to reflect. Did the initial meeting go well? Was your prospect interested? Then, what are the next steps?


It’s called the follow up— and it can be considered more significant than prospecting itself. Sure, you could have had a great conversation at the initial contact, but without the follow-up, prospecting is inadequate.


The purpose of the follow up is to re-engage with your prospect and reaffirm how your opportunity can satisfy their wants or needs. But first, reflect on the initial contact with your prospect to prep for the follow-up.


Here are some questions for you to think about and reflect on:


  Was the prospect engaged in the conversation?

  Were you able to present your business idea to the prospect?

  Did the prospect show interest in the business?

  Did the prospect seem motivated?

  Does the prospect seem like they have a good network?


Determine what qualities the prospect has and if they have the potential to be your next “superstar” distributor. Or, do they seem better off as a “middle man” with a great network? By reading how your prospect reacted in the initial contact, you can carefully plan how you will approach them in the follow-up.


No matter what, you must follow up with every prospect to show your appreciation for your relationship with them and are genuinely interested in their success and future. Reaching out to your prospect and relaying their value to you makes them feel important.


Here are some tips to follow:


How to Follow up with Network Marketing Prospects Tip #1: Follow up within 48 hours of the initial contact

Timing is everything! If you met “the perfect man or woman”, you wouldn’t wait to contact them! So apply this to your prospects.


How to Follow up with Network Marketing Prospects Tip #2: Be well prepared for your follow up

Ensure that you have supporting documents ready for your prospect – presentations, compensation plans, product samples, etc. You should be prepared to answer every one of your prospect’s questions affirmatively as with any sales pitch in any profession or at least have your upline ready in case you might not know the answer.


How to Follow up with Network Marketing Prospects Tip #3: Be passionate

By showing your passion and dedication to your business, you show your prospect how motivated you are and how much this business means to you. Inspire them and create a vision for them where your business opportunity holds the success and wealth that they desire.


How to Follow up with Network Marketing Prospects Tip #4: Provide support and assistance

Since your prospect is probably new to the profession, they would truly appreciate if you took the time to coach and train them. By showing that you are genuinely interested and involved, they know your business opportunity isn’t just a hoax.


How to Follow up with Network Marketing Prospects Tip #5: Plan another follow-up at the end of this follow-up

By planning another follow-up, you already know when you can expect to see your prospect next. This allows the prospect to not “fade away” and so, it keeps the relationship going.


The goal of a successful follow up is to have your prospect join your team. So, by continuously reminding them how much their life can change from your business opportunity, you keep them interested and motivated! Keep smiling and be genuine! If you want to further increase your follow up skills, why don’t you give my book, Organic Networker, a read? In there, you will find over 20 years of continuously polished insights to set up the right opportunities to get more people to join your organization. You can get your copy here.


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