10 Men’s Fashion Mistakes You Never Want To Make

It takes seven seconds to make a first impression, and what you choose to wear, make up a huge part of that impression.

What I am sharing with you, is 20+ years of accumulative firsthand experience with the world of fashion. Although these seem pretty obvious, you’d be blown away by just how many people still make these awful mistakes every day.

Hopefully you don’t identify with any of these rookie fashion blunders..

1. Wearing clothes that don’t fit properly


2. The terrible look of wearing short sleeve shirts with a tie


3. Wearing dirty worn-out shoes…time for a new pair!


4. Pants that are not the right length (this is far too common..)



5. Wearing a tie that is clearly the wrong length


6. Avoiding the iron and wearing wrinkled clothing


7. Sporting a backpack with a suit. Big no no…


8. Tucking in T-shirts…need I say more?


9. I see way too many guys wearing clunky square toe shoes…


10. The white socks and dress shoes fopaux


These mistakes are all too common and the crime against fashion needs to be stopped. Do your part and make the world a more fashionable place.

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