These 3 Traits Will Guarantee 7-Figures in Direct Sales

After spending most of my adult life in the direct sales industry, I’ve come to realize what truly separates the 7-figure earners from the 5-figure earners. Although there are other mandatory traits contributing to that level of success, these three are the primary traits to become part of the one-percenter, known as the “elite group.”

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to interview hundreds of leaders from several companies, and these traits are the common denominators amongst them all. What intrigued me the most was the fact these leaders already had the traits as a second nature – they didn’t even realize it until I pointed it out to them.

I bet you’re wondering by now what those traits are, so let me explain them to you.

Unbeknown to these professions, believe it or not, each trait has such a unique characteristic, that even on its own it’s a great quality that will easily help you to reach 6 figures, but when combined together they become the winning ticket to achieving that 7 figure goal.

The first profession is nursing.

What do nurses do at work? From the moment they clock in, until the moment they clock out, their number one focus and goal is to take care of patients. They don’t earn commission, they don’t earn tips, they don’t expect anything – they just give, give and give all day long – and that’s why they are engrained to pay it forward and help people.

In my research, I found those that have become extremely successful are the ones that put others ahead of themselves and sincerely help them to achieve success. That is the number one pre-requisite you need to implement in order to have long-term success.

The second profession is teaching.

Let’s ask the same question, what do teachers do all day at work? They focus on sharing and teaching the fundamentals and principles of subjects to help students learn the facts – without an alternative motive. Again, they teach all day, every day without expecting a commission of any sort – they are engrained to teach and help students learn.

This is another great trait of millionaires in the industry who are willing to invest time in their team by teaching them the facts and fundamentals of the business – be it product, opportunity or recruiting. The time they spend teaching their teams has yielded the highest ROI, ensuring long-term success.

And last but not least is real estate.

Irrelevant if you are a real estate agent in the US, Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world, there is one common thread between them all, and that is the rule of probability.

What I mean by that is real estate agents, regardless of where they are or who they are, usually need to show 10 homes in order to sell one. Never in history has there ever been an agent that shows one and sells one, it’s just not the way it works, and agents realize that, so it’s never personal for them when someone declines.

That is, in my opinion, the most essential quality one most possess in order to be extremely successful. Persistence pays off well in this industry, which is definitely something you learn in Real Estate.

Now that you understand each trait and its characteristics, you might be relating to one or two of them, as maybe you already have these traits. However, if you can adopt all three, and really commit to owning them, then you will become a millionaire. Guaranteed.

So the next time you come across the millionaire in your company, if you watch carefully, you’ll notice they have all these traits.

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